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Data Security and Privacy

  • Data security also notable as information security is currently a major critical issue to the companies with divergent commendatory issues. Data security is significant to govern access to data throughout the process. Data privacy provides access based on privacy policies it is bound with.
    Securing data is a process of discovering, identifying, classifying, analyzing the risk, protecting and archiving the data. Data security can be provided once the intensity of difficulties is known and appropriate strategies can be found by this way we ensure your data to be secured.
    Data protection refers to protecting data from destructing forces and from unauthorized access. It can be achieved by providing certain digital security and privacy. Security to the data can be provided through different methods involving strong user authentication, encryption methods, backup solutions, analyze and protect sensitive data, adapting to changes that may affect data security.

Data Warehousing

  • In recent days where the big data, real time processing requirements and expectations from a data warehouse is increasing rapidly. Data warehouse also known as enterprise data warehousing (EDW) and data repositories. It is a system used where data from different sources are stored.
    Cognition infosystems data warehousing service incorporate the following:

    • Optimizing data warehouse
    • Accelerate performance
    • Simplify analytics
    • Enhance with big data

Database Management

  • Cognition info system’s database management service provides tools to assist companies manage their databases. Our database service ensures all time availability and expert team supports by continuously guiding and managing database to maintain an optimal performance results. Services include application and application server, database grid computing, database performance tuning, business continuity, general support and maintenance, upgrades and navigations, database tools and utilities, database implementation.
    With the above mentioned services we provide higher efficiency at low costs enabling you to think much forward and make faster decisions. Our other services include :

    • Remote database monitoring as a service
    • Managed services
    • Build and design services