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Marketing Solutions

Marketing Solutions

Marketing is all about how you convince your customer to be engaged with your product/service. It also includes various methods you try to reach your customers and most important is the message you persuade them to purchase your products and services.
By delivering a unique customer experience, Cognition infosystems help clients to improve their business by developing marketing solutions/strategies that can have significant results on your business growth. Based on the strategies planned, we produce materials and implement those tactics to reach the expected target.

Business Inteligence

Business intelligence is a collection of techniques and tools together for the conversion of raw data to a set of useful information for analysis purpose. These tools are capable of handling large amounts of unstructured data to help identify, develop, and create new business strategies.
Cognition infosystems business intelligence functions include reporting, online analytical processing [OLAP], analytics, data mining, process mining, text mining, predictive analytics. We provide following features for BI solutions:
• Data integration
• User friendly dashboard
• Vendor/customer normalization
• Customized reporting
• Automatic report delivery
• Reporting & analytics for your app/business
• Reporting on production
• Big data business intelligence
• Mobile BI tools

Business Analytics

Our business concentric approach is one of the major reasons our competitive analytics solutions are popular. Our solution doesn’t only depend or completely rely on technical tools to provide solutions, but also on our strategic tools and analytical expertise team to provide accurate and reliable reports. Business analytics help companies understand and have sense of data/information by business perspective. Features we provide :
• Business concentric analytics report
• Risk analytics
• Cross industry expertise
• Full service solutions
• Marketing analytics
• Immediate and accurate deliverables
• Perspective analysis