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BPO Services


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BPO Services

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services , is the process of contracting a specific business process to a third party service provider. It is referred to as a measure to reduce cost for the tasks that a company requires but is not depending on them to maintain their position in market.
Our services can be categorized into back office outsourcing, including internal business the services operations such as human resource, finance & accounting and front office outsourcing including the services associated with customer’s such as contact center services.

Most of services provided by BPO service vendors are on free for service basis. At Cognition Infosystems we provide service using business models such as remote in sourcing or similar outsourcing models.
Cognition infosystems services include process related to:
• Business tranformation services
• Knowledge services
• Front office and back office services
• Technology enabled services